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Welcome to the official website of Haivan Tunnel Construction Project, the longest Highway Tunnel in Southeast Asia and one of six National Projects of Vietnam!

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Thank you very much for your support to our project for last 5 years. In spite of several difficulties, we could overcome them by your advices and support. The tunnel opening was gracefully celebrated on 5 June 2005.

Tunnel Opening Ceremony on 5 June 2005
Hai Van Tunnel As of 12 June 2005
Photo Library of Construction Progress



Joint-venture of Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. (Japan) and Louis Berger International Inc.(USA), in association with Transport Engineering Design Incorporation - TEDI, (Vietnam) >>>


The Project will complete a new two-lane highway segment of 12,182m in total length. It includes a 6,280m long tunnel section, bridge sections (eight bridges) of 1,635m in total length, and highway sections of 4,273m in total length. In parallel with the main tunnel, an evacuation tunnel will be constructed to its east. >>>


The project area is situated in the Hai Van massif, central coastal area of Vietnam, starting from Lang Co on the existing National Highway No. 1 (Sta. -1+865) and ending at Lien Chieu on the planned bypass (peripheral artery) in the Lien Chieu Industrial Zone (Sta. 12+047) >>>


According to the current implemantation program, the Haivan Pass Tunnel Construction Project was completed and open to the public on 5 June 2005 >>>


The overall project costs for Haivan Pass Tunnel is estimated at USD 133,082,000. This cost including consulting services and construction packages >>>

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Last Update: July 13, 2005 (GMT +7:00)  




On June 5, 2005, Tunnel Opening Ceremony has been held at North Portal, check out the photo album for this special event: the ceremony and the recent images


Following Engineer and Inspectors have been demobilized at the end of July 2004. 1) Pham The Giang: Environmental Specialist. 2) Nguyen Van Soan: Tunnel Inspector. 3) Nguyen The Hai: Tunnel Inspector. 4) Nguyen Minh Tuan: Tunnel Inspector


June 05, 2005 PM Khai opens Hai Van Tunnel




Monthly Report on Work progress in May 2005 is AVAILABLE now!


A photo tour with take you to spectacular scenery of Vietnam from Hanoi thru Danang, Hoi An down to South, or study some basic characters of history, culture, people of Vietnam and Danang... All available at Our Gallery




"Robert from United States: A very interesting site about a very amazing project. I have not been to Da Nang since 1972. I would love to return one day and see the city and the completed project."


"J Houston on September 17, 2003 : This project demonstrates just how advanced VietNam truly is and that some projects (usually in Asia) actually can be completed to schedule. The detail provided by this web site is absolutely fascinating and demonstrates the confidence that the project partners have in making it arrive on time and likely within budget. If only 'First World' countries could do this in their own backyards, it would be a massive change. The only thing is - nothing beats the views from the present  Hai Van pass!"

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