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This page is holding the purpose of giving our visittors some knowleagebase about Vietnam - the beautiful country where our project is located.

Vietnam, a country made famous by wars, has a unique and rich civilization, spectacular scenery and highly cultured, cordial people. While no doubt along history of wars continues to weigh heavily on the consciousness of all who can remember the years of fighting, the Vietnam of today is a country at peace.

Please find our photo selection on the map of Vietnam by clicking on the city, or use the menu to find some cultural shock of this beautiful country.


Facts about Vietnam

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Most visitors to Vietnam are overwhelmed by the subline beauty of the country's natural setting. The Red River Delta in the north, the Meking Delta in the south and almost the entire costal strip are a patchwork of brilliant-green rice paddies tended by peasant women in conical hats. Vietnam's 3451 km coastline includes countless unspoiled beaches and a number of stunning lagoons; some sections are shaded by coconut palms and casuarinas, others bounded by seemingly endless expanses of sand dunes or the rugged spurs of the Truong Son Mountains.

Between the two deltas, the coast lining the South China Sea gives way to soaring mountains - the slopes of some are cloaked with rich forests. Slightly farther from the coast are the refreshingly cool plateaus of teh Central Highlands, which are dotted with waterfalls. To the north you'll find stunning mountain scenery and Vietnam's most prominent hill tribe minority communities.

Visitors to Vietnam will have their sences thrilled by all it's sights, sounds, tastes and smells.

Fiercely protective of their independence and sovereignty for 2000 years, the Vietnamese are also graciously welcoming of foreigners who come as their guests rather than as conquerers. While relations with the West were obviously strained during times of recent war, today Vietnamese are, almost without exception, extremely friendly to Western visitors, regardless of the past, and are supportive of more contact with the outside world.

Visitors to Vietnam will be intrigued by it's dynamic melding of tradional Vietnamese culture, it's French colonialist past and Communist legacy, and it's current transition as modern Asian power.

Visitors to Vietnam today play an important role in conveying the value and potential for internationa l friendship.


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