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The project area is situated in the Hai Van massif, central coastal area of Vietnam, 16 Kilometers North from Da Nang City. The proposed tunnel alignment commences 15 to20 km North of Da Nang and passes west of the Hai Van Pass to exit in the Loc Hai area.

Hai Van is a mountain range extending from Truong Son mountain range to the edge of the sea. The Hai Van mountain range is characterized by a narrow width, composed only of one primary mountain ridge, with steep slopes, which is considered favourable for a tunnel to pass through the mountain and connect with Nation Highway No. 1 via an access road at the base of the mountain.

The landform in the area is not uniform. The mountain divide extends in an E-W direction, forming steep slopes on the northern and southern sides of the mountain. On the west it is linked with the Truong Son mountain range, with high mountains and dense forest. Progressing to the east, the mountains become gradually lower with numerous valleys dividing the mountain slope. The vegetation is composed mainly of small trees, bushes and shrubs. The mountain range extends to the sea, with steep slopes forming a significant boundary between Thua Thien – Hue Province and Quang Nam – Da Nang Province.


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