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National Highway No.1 is North-south longitudinal arterial in the country linking Hanoi and the northern provinces with Ho Chi Minh and the southern provinces and the most important transport infrastructure for the national economy.

At the same time, the National Highway No.1 functions as an integral part of international gateway called "East-West Corridor" along the National Highway No.9 connecting Thailand through Laos to the Danang port and the Dung Quat Industrial Zone.

The Hai Van Pass section of the existing National Highway No.1 begins at Km 894+000 near Lang Co Town runs across the Hai Van Pass peak at Km 904+638 with an elevation of approximately 475 meters and ends at Km 914+450 just north of Danang City, with a distance of approximately 20.45 kilometers.

This section is a very low standard highway with continuous small curves averaging 23 curves per kilometer with a radius of less than 25 meters and an average grade of 4.6%. Over 50% of the length has grades in excess of 7%. There are four hairpin curves, three to the north of the peak and one to the south, with a curve radius of 10 to 17 meters and a 10 to 11% grade.

In the early 1970s, this section was widened from a one-lane macadam paved roadway to a two-lane asphalt concrete paved roadway. Thereafter, the Vietnamese Highway Department has concentrated on upgrading this section by widening the roadway particularly on curves, improving the pavement, improving slope protection to prevent slope failures, and improving drainage. However, even with all these improvements, the Hai Van Pass section is still a very dangerous highway to drive and many lives are lost each year in accidents on this section of the National Highway No.1.

Under such circumstances, the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has decided to construct a new highway segment with a tunnel under the Hai Van Pass by the Prime Minister’s Decree No. 22/CP dated March 22, 1994.


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