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YEAR 2000 - 2002 and 2003 - 2005

  • 05 June 2005

Tunnel Opening Ceremony was held at North Portal, check out photo album: 01 and 02

  • 14 March 2005

OCC building was successfully energized. Subsequently, each substation will be energized one by one shortly and enable PK3/PK4 Contractors to start commissioning phase with the permanent power.

  • 15 April 2004

Taking-over ceremony for PK5: 110/22kV Substation and 110kV Transmission Line was held and it was confirmed that the Works has been substantially completed

  • 31 March 2004
On 31 March 2004, Concrete lining of Main Tunnel was completed, Tunnel Civil works of EP2 was completed and hand-over to PK4
  • December 2003

On 12 December 2003, Taking-Over Certificate for Pakcage-5: 110/22 kV Substation and 110kV Transmission Line was issued.

All tunnel excavation works has been completed early December 2003.

  • 30 October 2003
28 Oct. 2003, 0100 am: Breakthrough of Pilot Tunnel,

30 Oct, 2003, 1100 am: Breakthrough of Main Tunnel (Top-heading). Internal breakthrough ceremony was carried out at the breakthrough point with the attendance of representatives of three parties, PMU85 as Employer, NK&LBG&TEDI as the Engineer, JV of Hazama&Cienco6 as Contractor (North), and JO of Dong Ah&Song Da as Contractor (South).

  • October 2003

Tunnel Breakthrough Ceremony will be held nation wide scale on 7 November 2003 9:00 hours at Lang Co (North) side . It has past 36 months after the work commencement on 1st October 2000.

Memorial T-Shirts and Medal on sale:

T-Shirts : 10 USD

Medal : 10 USD

  • September 19, 2003

At 03.00 p.m, Mr. Nong Duc Manh - General Secretary of Communist Party, Mr. Phan Dien - Politburo Member, Mr. Dao Dinh Binh - Minister of Ministry of Transport, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tran - General Director of PMU85 and delegation visitted the project site.

Other visitors

  • August 29, 2003

NATM Training Course B completed. All trainee sumbitted final report.

  • August 28, 2003

Overseas Study Tour to Japan finished and all 7 members arrived in Vietnam.

  • August 18, 2003

At 02.00 p.m, Mr. Phan Van Khai, Prime Minister and his delegation visitted the project site. Mr. Khai said he valued highly effort and contribution of employer, consultant and contractors in this project and he expects the important role of this project in transport network of Vietnam.

Other visitors

  • August 16, 2003

Chemical Injection works has started on August 16, 2003 in order to reduce the water seepage volume at the Ventilation Adit. Until now the effectiveness of the injection is higher than that of we expected and the works are still ongoing

  • August 04, 2003

The kick-off meeting for NATM traning course B was held at Cienco 06's office. Participants included representatives of PMU85, Consultant, Hazama and trainees from civil construction companies and organizations.

The course will last for 4 weeks.

The lecturer of the first week is

Dr. Koji Nakagawa

Clinical Institute for Tunnels and Tunneling
Department of Civil Engineering
Yamaguchi University


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