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As of August 31,2004 

Physical Progress


JV of ABB, Kinden and Vinaincon

Commencement of the Works

21 December 2001

Contract period

540 days (Until June 20, 2003)

Time Elapsed (days)

910 of 540 (168.5%) Extended from June 20, 2003







Construction Supervision

A major milestone was achieved with the energising of the transmission line and Hai Van high voltage substation on the 30 June for a successful 72 hour test energisation. Over the 72 hour period the 110kV GIS, 22kV GIS, the main power and auxiliary transformers were energised from Lien Chieu substation. The operation and synchronisation of the diesel generators to the grid was also demonstrated. The synchronising of the generators with the network when the network is re-energised after an outage is still to be done. It requires switching on and off and on again of the 110kV transmission line.

Snag lists of items to be adjusted, re-set or otherwise corrected were prepared in coordination with Engineer, PTC No. 2 and Load Dispatch Centre (A3). By the end of July all items had been cleared with the exception of CBFP relaying to be reset in Lien Chieu substation when another shut down can be arranged and synchronising of the generators to the network when generators are running. A important item that was outstanding was the transmission line differential protection inter-tripping and that was successfully completed on 1 August.

Contractor completed and delivered all the As- Built documentation required by contract in July. This included as-built drawings, and Operations and Maintenance manuals.

Permanent energisation (power supply) service will be carried out when a number of issues relating to operations and contract to pay for power consumption are resolved. It is intended to have the Hai Van substation permanently energised as soon as possible. SITOC inspection was carried out before and during test energisation.

On Site Training was provided by the Contractors staff from 14th to the 26th June at the OCC.   The approved courses covered all the PKV works including 110kV GIS, 22kV GIS, LV equipment, diesel generators and MicroSCADA


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